5 Ways You Can Help our Research Study

The Howard Family – Christian, Stephanie, Stella (11) and Joshua (8).

Wonders & Worries has partnered with The University of Texas at Austin on a randomized controlled clinical trial of our six-session illness education program for children with a parent with cancer.

If you know a parent with early stage cancer and a child 5-14 years, please share our research recruitment flier.

Sorry, no current or previous Wonders & Worries families are eligible for the study.

Even if you’re not eligible, there are other ways you can help! Here are five ideas:

1. If you know a parent with early stage cancer and a child who is 5-14 years, share the research study flyer.

2. Post a research flyer at the coffeeshops, libraries, schools, civic centers and medical offices you frequent.

3. Share the flyer and a blurb on your social media and neighborhood boards. Use this sample language or craft your own:

Wonders & Worries is an Austin-based nonprofit that ensures children and teens can reach their full potential even though their parent is facing a serious illness. They’re looking for volunteers for a clinical research trial with UT. If you are – or if you know – a parent with early stage cancer and a child who is 5-14 years old, give them a call at 512-329-5757. (Don’t worry, there are no pills or shots, and every family receives support!)

4. Ask cancer organizations and support groups you’re connected to if they would share the flyer.

5. Tell us if you want copies of the flyer, a presentation to a group or have other ideas on how to recruit. We’re all ears!

Read more about Wonders & Worries’ ongoing research and evaluation.

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