About Wonders & Worries

Our Mission

Wonders & Worries provides free, professional support for children and teenagers through a parent’s serious illness, so that they can reach their full potential.

Our experts provide the foundation children and teenagers need to reach their full potential even though their parent is ill. Through individual and group therapy sessions, kids and teens learn about illness and build coping and communication skills. Our comprehensive programming is the only one of its kind in the US.



Parents often wish to protect their children, and unsure what to say, they say nothing at all. In turn, children are incredibly perceptive and pick up on the clues in the home that something is wrong. Our professional child life staff provide tools for families to build a solid foundation of communication to successfully cope.

Our History

In 2001, the Livestrong Foundation provided funding for Meredith Cooper, MS, CCLS, LPC and Melissa Hicks, MS, CCLS, LPC, RPT to start a pilot group to support children of families dealing with cancer. In August 2001, Wonders & Worries became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Watch our story as told by a Wonders & Worries family:


‘What will happen to my kids?’ That was my first thought when I was diagnosed with ALS. Wonders & Worries has provided the support to our two daughters that we can’t, and quite frankly couldn’t afford. The girls have grown through this.” –The Smith-Mekosh Family

Since its founding, Wonders & Worries has supported over 8,000 individuals and more than 1,800 families. Wonders & Worries offers the only comprehensive program in the nation that provides free, professional support for children in English and Spanish.

I was often more worried about my son than myself. Wonders & Worries gave him a safe, happy place to talk about ‘mommy’s cancer.’ They helped me when they helped my son.” – The Grant Family

After many requests for expansion, and acknowledging that central Texas does not have a monopoly on sick parents, Wonders & Worries plans to expand with additional offices and virtual support over the next five years. See Contact Us for current locations.

“It may not be today, but sometime in your life you will know a family who will need Wonders & Worries. We are forever grateful for the guidance and friendship of Wonders & Worries.”– The Wedig Family

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