The Camp Kesem Caterpillar

Michele “Poppins” Martin and Kim “Carrot Top” Fryar, kicking off Camp Kesem 2017 at UT Austin!

Don’t worry, this colorful caterpillar is a welcome summer bug!

Camp Kesem operates free summer camps for children who have been touched by a parent’s cancer. Led by college students, there are camps all over the country, including at The University of Texas at Austin.

For many children, their Camp Kesem experience is a life-changing event – providing them a community of children with similar experiences, and a safe and welcoming environment to have fun and rediscover their childhood.

If that sounds similar to Wonders & Worries’ groups, you’re right! We both support children reaching their full potential, despite a parent’s illness.

Kim “Carrot Top” Fryar and Corinne “Mudbug” Barnickel – all smiles for Camp Kesem adventures!

In fact, Wonders & Worries’ staff serve in a professional capacity at UT’s Camp Kesem. From inviting families to training camp counselors,  singing silly songs and sharing professional expertise, Wonders & Worries recognizes the value of the camp in helping children thrive.

This year Wonders & Worries is again proud to donate staff to the cause. Look for Michele “Poppins” Martin, Kim “Carrot Top” Fryar and Corinne ”Mudbug” Barnickel.

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