Six Session Program Overview

Our goal is to help children and teens develop a foundation for coping positively with the illness in the family.

We have designed a proprietary 6-session Illness Education and Coping curriculum to help children and teens build and strengthen their positive foundation.

Illness Education and Coping Curriculum

Our 6-session program is designed to be flexible and individualized and is offered through both group and individual sessions. This program, however, is a merely a guide. Our professional staff will modify sessions based on your child’s needs and the specific illness faced in your family.

Overall, the Wonders & Worries 6-session program and ongoing services are designed to:

  • Provide an age-appropriate understanding of the illness, its treatments, and its side effects
  • Facilitate the expression of feelings related to change in your family
  • Identify and build positive coping methods to help ease feelings of sadness, anger, fear, etc.


General topics covered in Wonders & Worries 6-session Illness Education and Coping curriculum include:

  • Illness education
  • Treatment center tour (when possible)
  • Feelings
  • Coping
  • Hopes for the future and closure