December 2015: Special Gifts

Posted on Dec 1, 2015

The Gift Of Play

A powerful way to connect with your child or children is through the world of play. This is where they communicate, this is where they make sense of their world, and this is where they can feel so valued by the adults in their lives. So whether it is playing a game of catch or making time for a board game, the gift of your time and attention will speak to the very core of your child.

The Gift Of “I’m Sorry”

It is never too late to go back to your child to say “I’m sorry…I could have done that better” or “Mom/Dad is changing that rule because I have found a better healthier way to do things” or “that must have really hurt when…” For it is within the context of family that we learn how to give and receive apologies. And we as adults can be the agents of healing when we take the time to teach our children how we handle our mistakes.

The Gift Of One On One Time

All family members benefit from quality time with each other one on one. It gives one another the chance to truly know and understand each other and develop a richer relationship and bond independent of the entire family. It doesn’t have to be huge or demanding. A simple 30 minutes of focused quality time can make a world of difference to a child and a grown up!

The Gift Of Letting Yourself Say “No”

Holiday time can be the most wonderful and stressful time. It is okay to give yourself permission to not accept every invite and attend every event. Decide as a family what the most important events are to you and how many times a week you are willing to have commitments.

The Gift Of Tradition

Twenty years from now the kids may not remember all of the toys or festivals, but they will remember family game night, pizza night, or weekly family time. They will want to pass on the perfect holiday menu, order of events, and birthday rituals. Traditions speak to the very nature of children as they love knowing what is to come and the anticipation of excitement ahead. For families who have experienced illness or loss, this may mean changing some rituals. Invite your children to help generate ideas for new traditions when old ones are not possible.

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