Donate Your Credit Card Rewards

Posted on Dec 14, 2017

Although cash back rewards are a compelling reasons to use a credit card, a surprising 31% of cardholders don’t use their rewards.

Rather than letting those points or miles gather digital dust, some cardholders choose to use their credit card rewards to make a difference — by donating their rewards them to a worthy charity, like Wonders & Worries!

Each year, billions of dollars go to causes and charities near and dear to our hearts. The work of many of these great organizations relies heavily — and, sometimes, exclusively — on public and private donations, and from people like you, to keep the doors open and the good works flowing.

This is true for Wonders & Worries, as we receive no federal or state funding to provide professional support to families at no cost to them.

Donate without Giving Dollars

But even if you’re tight on actual dollars, credit card rewards can be a simple way to donate to a favorite cause — without breaking your budget.

Whether you earn cash back, points, or miles, many major issuers give you the ability to donate those rewards directly to a cause of your choosing.

How to Donate Rewards

The actual method you use to make your donation will vary based on the individual card issuer. Some issuers may offer a donation option through your usual redemption page, while others may have a separate donation mechanism.

You might also be asked to provide Wonders & Worries’ IRS number, called the Employer Identification Number, or EIN: 74-3012982.

One thing to keep in mind is that your rewards donation won’t have the same tax benefits as a cash donation, so your donation won’t be tax-deductible.

Adapted from Ashley Dull’s post, “Give Back and Get a Little Too

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