Endowment Circle

The Endowment Fund provides donors with the opportunity to make a legacy gift to Wonders & Worries.

Through gifts of $25,000 or above, donors can create named funds in honor or in memory of a loved one. These gifts can be paid over a five-year period. Named funds are also accepted through planned gifts such as bequests or retirement assets. In these cases, the named funds are not recognized until the planned gift, bequest, or retirement asset funds are received. Named funds have perpetual recognition in the Wonders & Worries Annual Report.

The Endowment Fund is held, maintained, and managed by the Austin Community Foundation under their Board of Directors’ approved investment policies which strive to maximize resources while minimizing risk for the organization.

douglass family photo - endowment fund

The Douglass Family

Read about the Douglass Family, our first Endowment contributor.

For more information, please contact our Development Director, Heather Shaw, at (512) 329-5757 or [email protected]