June 2016: Sail into Summer Schedules

Posted on Jun 1, 2016

Summer is right around the corner! It’s usually a time that kids look forward to with great anticipation.  However, some children experience anxiety over the change in structure and routine Check This Out. You can smooth the transition by creating a family calendar or by having your child make their own. Maybe they would like a reading day on their calendar complete with a trip to the library for new books. Or a water day. Maybe a “try something new” day. Some families may be able to fill their calendars with camps or vacations but for those who are unable, you can still engage your child in fantasy play over their “dream vacation.” They could draw a picture of their desired destination, make a passport or itinerary, or cut out pictures and make a picture book. Choices are powerful, even in fantasy play! And don’t forget the best site for keeping up with all things kid-friendly and free this summer in Austin: www.freefuninaustin.com.

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