March 2016: Home Coping Kits

Posted on Mar 1, 2016

One of the best loved activities at Wonders & Worries is when the children get to make their own coping kit filled with reminders and tools to help them release their stress and feel better–bubbles to blow those bad feelings away, stress balls to squeeze, journals to draw or write in, a pinwheel to practice deep breathing with, bubble wrap to pop your angers out, and tissues to use for our tears.

This is a great tool to transfer to home!

Place a box, basket or bag in a central location in your house filled with stress relieving items. When you see your children reaching their limit or acting out, validate the emotion you see and encourage them to pick something from the coping basket to help them release those emotions. Some other examples may include a game, something musical, art supplies, play dough, lotion or something scented, books, headphones etc. A book that can help children (and adults) build positive coping skills is Don’t Pop Your Cork on Mondays! by Adolph Moser. Enjoy creating a coping kit together and identifying what helps each member of your family feel better. And please do share pictures or stories with us at Wonders & Worries. We love supporting our Wonders & Worries extended family!

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