Parenting Tip – Springtime Blues

Spring can be particularly disappointing if you are unable to do fun, family activities while others are taking – and planning – exciting vacations and enjoying the outdoors.

Give yourself and your children permission to express disappointment. Then, think of low cost and low key ways to spend time together. Here are a few ideas:

  • Plan an at home “Theme Day” such as a Game Day, Puzzle Day, Movie Day, Baking Day, Book Day (read aloud, listen to audio stories) etc. Really get into the theme and have the entire family participate
  • Choose a Close to Home Adventure. Visit a new park, museum or library, pack a picnic and then share likes and dislikes after.
  • Plan a Fantasy Vacation. Gather magazines from a travel agency or go online together. Plan a dream vacation with everyone sharing ideas – cut out pictures, draw, write and enjoy the fantasy process.

The special memories you create won’t come with an overwhelming price tag or fatigue.

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