What do Fidget Spinners and Yoga Have in Common?

Posted on Jul 2, 2018

Fidget Spinner Yoga

Each month, children aged 5-18 can attend free check-in groups with peers their age. Groups are available for both those who have an ill parent, as well as for those who have lost a parent. It’s one of the services we make available.

This therapeutic game uses two things that almost every household has on hand. With nothing more than a fidget spinner and paper,  kids in the illness group recently practiced de-stressing through yoga.

Taking turns, each child performed (or made up) a yoga pose. Everyone then held the pose until the fidget spinner stopped spinning. They also made their own popsicle stick fidget spinner toy to take home so they can continue practicing – and playing.

Download the PDF to create your own fidget spinner yoga game.

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