May 2016: Watch Out for Melanoma

Posted on May 1, 2016

Dr RamsdellAs the Texas summer heat and sun quickly approaches, we want to highlight that May is Melanoma Awareness Month. We asked Dr. Bill Ramsdell, a local Austin dermatologist, to provide us with a few melanoma facts for our therapeutic tip this month.

  1. Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer.
  2. The incidence of melanoma is rising rapidly. Of particular concern is an epidemic of melanoma in young women, but not young men. The reason is that young women use tanning beds much more than young men.
  3. Most skin cancers occur where the skin has come into direct contact with the sun. Surprisingly, melanoma can occur anywhere on the body, even places that have never been sun-exposed.
  4. Use sun protection! Many companies make stylish, comfortable clothing to shield the sun. Sun screens should have an SPF rating of at least 35. They should be “Broad Spectrum” which means that they block both UV A and UV B light.
  5. Good news – Because of increased awareness of melanoma, most are removed at an early stage.
  6. Hopeful news – A number of effective drugs to fight advanced melanoma have become available over the past few years.

Protect your skin now to prevent melanoma in your future!

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