• Sep 26, 2018

    Nikki & Addison Jones

    Imagine it taking 30 years to figure out what was wrong with you, and then realizing that there was no...Read

  • Sep 26, 2018

    The Mebane Family

    Despite a healthy lifestyle,  David Mebane was diagnosed with advanced heart disease at just 37 years of age. At 39 he survived a major heart attack, and endured several surgeries to receive five stents. David and Kelly’s children, Weston and Caroline, seem unfazed. But one...Read

  • Dec 27, 2017

    The Hernandez-Noriega Family

      At age 32, Jason Hernandez received a diagnosis of end-stage, metastatic colon cancer. His wife, Cecilia, and their three...Read

  • Dec 18, 2017

    The Hallett Family

      Physician Jeff Hallett knows a thing or two about talking to patients about illness. But when his wife, Robin,...Read

  • Jun 26, 2017

    The Bynum Family

    “How old does a baby have to be to remember their mother?” Michelle and her husband, Brad Bynum, discovered Wonders...Read

  • Mar 17, 2017

    Brent Metschan

    Brent Metschan got involved with Wonders & Worries after a conversation with his friend – and former Board President, Richard...Read

  • Mar 16, 2017

    Mark Milstead

    Mark’s first introduction to Wonders & Worries came through joining Mike Reynolds’ team for the No Worries Classic in 2007....Read

  • Mar 3, 2017

    The Zucca Family

      Shannon and her husband, Bruno, have three boys that keep them on their toes: Nico (15), who is into...Read

  • Jan 18, 2017

    The Bromonsky Family

    Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at age 19, Aric Bromonsky was familiar with managing a chronic disease. In the fall...Read

  • Dec 9, 2016

    The Heise Family

    After the seventh time fainting while out running errands with her two sons, Cole and Jacob, ages 2 years and...Read