Season 4, Episode #10 (Revisited) – Beginning Anew

Wonders & Worries: WonderCast
Wonders & Worries: WonderCast
Season 4, Episode #10 (Revisited) - Beginning Anew

Guest Hosts: Laura Aya 

Often, amid treatment you might find yourself inundated with support. People love to help people in crisis. Meal trains, prayer circles, chemo buddies… only the absolute best care. Sometimes though, in the space that follows immediate treatment, lives the lesser discussed vulnerable feelings of worry, loneliness and unsettling questions of what now, who am I and where do I fit?  In this episode, Laura Aya, discusses navigating the return to life after initial treatment, regaining her footing and embracing this role of living a life as a survivor. Same world as before and yet, completely beginning anew. 

Initiatives Featured in this episode:  

-Coping tools 


-Breast Cancer 

-Transitioning off treatment 

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