Our Impact

For 23 years, Wonders & Worries has been profoundly impacting the lives of children and teenagers ages 2-18 through a parent’s serious illness or injury.

Over 17,000 Children & Parents Impacted

Since our inception, we have positively affected the lives of over 17,000 children and parents, helping ensure they had the same opportunity to thrive as those unaffected by serious illness or injury. Evaluations of the impact of our programming found that families experienced improvement of children’s issues including:

In addition, parents reported that because of Wonders & Worries services they:

Overall, 98% of parents indicated they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with Wonders & Worries services.

The first cross sectional study of the impact of Wonders & Worries programming found that many families served reported amelioration of multiple children’s issues including improved communication skills (87%), reduced anxiety (84%), increased feeling of security at home (90%), and improved school performance (73%).

Our latest study was a randomized clinical trial focused on investigating the efficacy of the Wonders & Worries copyrighted, six session illness education and coping curriculum. In this study, the intervention group significantly improved on parenting concerns, parenting self-efficacy, and family quality of life, while children in the intervention group had significantly lower emotional and behavioral problems and worries related to cancer compared to controls. Additional information on our research may be found here.

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