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No matter where you are, Wonders & Worries is here to help your family. Please review our comprehensive list of services below, and when you are ready, click on Find a Provider to find the services available in your area.


When you don’t have the words or the time, Wonders & Worries is here. The helpline is free and fast – no scheduling or commuting. Call 1-844-WE-WONDER or email at [email protected] for help.

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Support for Children & Teenagers

First Meeting

Before a child or teenager starts with Wonders & Worries, parents and caregivers are asked to meet the staff who will be working with their family. This builds the foundation for staff and parents to support a child or teenager, together.

The parent intake meeting can occur at a Wonders & Worries office, virtually via a video connection, or over the phone. It takes about one hour.

Individual Sessions

We work with each family to determine if the child or teen would thrive best in individual sessions or group sessions. For example, siblings may meet together or have separate support plans.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are also free of charge and are designed for children age 6-18 years, with groups aligned by age.

Group support gives children and teenagers the opportunity to bond with others who are experiencing similar situations and provide an outlet for learning and sharing.

New Wonderers Six-Session Groups

New Wonderers groups are designed for children and teenagers who are new to Wonders & Worries. These groups are separated by age, with elementary school-aged children meeting together, middle school-aged children meeting together and high school-aged children meeting together. Based on the curriculum, the six-session groups are customized to the needs of the children and teenagers. General topics covered in Wonders & Worries copyrighted 6-session Illness Education and Coping Curriculum include:

  • Illness education
  • Treatment center tour (when possible)
  • Feelings
  • Coping
  • Hopes for the future and closure

No Worries Monthly Check-in Groups

No Worries monthly check-in groups are offered for children and teenagers who already completed the Wonders & Worries initial six-session support.

These monthly groups allow children and teenagers to check-in as needed, and are available for:

  • Elementary school-aged children who have a parent with an ongoing illness
  • Middle-school or high-school tweens/teenagers who have a parent with an ongoing illness or have experienced the loss of a parent

Parenting Support

Parenting Podcast

WonderCast™ is a podcast that provides support for parents navigating chronic illness. Julie May, a seasoned child life specialist, hosts WonderCast™ and introduces assorted topics through candid discussions with guests experiencing different types of medical situations or professionals sharing insights. New episodes are available bi-monthly through a multitude of podcast platforms.

Parenting Mobile App

W&W2Go™ for parents provides information and strategies that maximize family communication and coping during a parent’s illness. Many topics are explored through six main categories: Child Development and Parenting, Family Activities, Illness Communication Strategies, Support for Children, Bereavement Support, and Family Resources. The app is available on both Apple and Android platforms.

Parent Consultations

Parent consultations keep parents and caregivers involved throughout the support process. They happen in person, virtually via a video connection, over the phone or through email. During consultations, parents can discuss and receive feedback on their child’s understanding and coping. This also gives parents the opportunity to ask questions and to update us on illness information.

Get Help

WonderChat™ for Parents

WonderChat™ for Parents regularly provides webinars that focus on strategies to support parenting throughout an illness. Topics focus on challenges that families face and build on ideas to maximize family coping and connection. Each webinar is facilitated by Kim Fryar, Wonders & Worries’ National Program Director, along with other experienced child life professionals.

Parenting Tips

Parenting is rewarding – and challenging! We’re here to help during this difficult time. We offer therapeutic tips and expressive activities to help parents and caregivers communicate with their children about illness in the family.

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