See how Wonders & Worries has enriched and helped improve the quality of life for families that have become affected by a serious illness or injury.

  • Nikki & Addison Jones

    After a lifetime of debilitating diseases including tuberculosis, seizures, necrotizing flesh, meningitis and appendicitis; and experiencing more than 100 hospitalizations for diseases and disorders, Nikki…

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  • The Mebane Family

    At 39 he survived a major heart attack, and endured several surgeries to receive five stents. David and Kelly’s children, Weston and Caroline, seem unfazed. But one evening in May 2017 when Weston was 11…

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  • The Hernandez-Noriega Family

    His wife, Cecilia, and their three daughters, Marisa (13), Ariela (9) and Isla (4) started receiving support at Wonders & Worries’ Georgetown office in August…

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  • The Hallett Family

    “It doesn’t matter your background or experience,” Jeff Hallett, MD, said. “When you have to tell your child this kind of news, you want to do…

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  • Bynum Family

    The Bynum Family

    “How old does a baby have to be to remember their mother?” “We felt inadequate dealing with how best to comfort our grandchildren at their…

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  • Brent Metschan

    Brent Metschan

    Brent currently chairs the Urban Scavenger Hunt on April 8 , an event that appeals because it’s for every type of person. In his words,…

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  • Mark Milstead

    Mark Milstead

    “I really didn’t understand what I was raising money for the first year,” Mark said. “Until I got to the awards banquet and saw the…

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  • zucca family

    The Zucca Family

    The family is boisterous and abounding with love. Bruno is proudly – and loudly – half Italian and half Greek. The best place to find…

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  • bromonsky family

    The Bromonsky Family

    In the spring of 2015 during a family camping trip, Aric fell suddenly ill. After further testing, Aric finally received a clear answer. He had…

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  • heise family

    The Heise Family

    “I stopped going out with the kids alone. It started getting really scary,” recalled Jenna. “I started changing their diapers on the floor, and not…

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  • Smith-Mekosh family

    The Smith-Mekosh Family

    Then I started to get sick. It started with my speech slurring after a beer, something I brushed off as getting older, like the thinning…

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  • Nelson-Kleck family

    The Nelson-Kleck Family

    Monique immediately began treatment, traveling to Houston for appointments, chemo, radiation and then major surgery. Not knowing what the future would hold, Monique and Tom…

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