San Antonio Welcome

What We Do 

Wonders & Worries’ team of Certified Child Life Specialists lead children through our clinically validated Illness Education and Coping Curriculum. Through this curriculum, children and teenagers gain:  

  • Developmentally appropriate understanding of the illness, treatments, and side effects 
  • Strategies for expressing feelings related to changes in the family 
  • Skills for coping with stress, anger, sadness, and fear
  • Confidence in how to communicate openly, honestly, and constructively 

What We Offer

  • Individual Sessions – Providing one-on-one support for ages 2-18
  • Group Sessions – Providing support to children ages 5-18 together with others coping with similar experiences
  • Parent Support – Wonders & Worries provides parenting support by partnering with parents around their child’s developmental needs and concerns related to the parent’s illness or injury. We also provide many resources designed to help parents connect and communicate with their children while navigating their own illness/injury.   

Where We Are Located

4383 Medical Drive, Suite 127 

San Antonio, TX 78229 

Tel: 210-307-4853 

How To Support Us

You can help support our current needs by buying items on our Amazon Wish List.

We also always need the following:

  • Gift cards to HEB, Staples, Valero and Costco
  • Printing Sponsorship: We seek in-kind donations for printing or funds to help offset printing costs
  • Bottled water

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