Brent Metschan

Brent Metschan got involved with Wonders & Worries after a conversation with his friend – and former Board President, Richard Paddock. Brent wanted to volunteer for a nonprofit that focused on children, and Richard invited him to sit in on a few strategic meetings. It was a perfect match. After seven years of advocating for Wonders & Worries, Brent decided to increase his involvement by joining the Board of Directors.

Brent currently chairs the Urban Scavenger Hunt on April 8 , an event that appeals because it’s for every type of person. In his words, “If you are looking for a family oriented event, the Scavenger Hunt is for you!” If you prefer black-tie parties with great stories, prizes, and dancing, then Unmasked Gala checks all the boxes. If you enjoy some good ole Texas fun for yourself, your friends, your co-workers or your clients, look no further than the No Worries Classic. If you have a taste for all three, you can do that too!

“Each event is unique,” he says, “but all have the common tie of helping Wonders & Worries provide the level of care needed for so many kids and teens.”

What makes Wonders & Worries stand out to Brent is that it is the only organization of its kind in the nation. Brent has friends and relatives who have dealt with cancer and, “I am so thankful there is an organization that I could tell them about to help with their children.” He has been asked by friends in multiple states if there was a Wonders & Worries in their city, and hopes the organization can expand to meet the demand: “We can only grow nationally through the generosity of our donors,” he says, and

“I know it is not a matter of if, but when, we’ll expand.”

Brent’s favorite memories with Wonders & Worries the moments he has introduced his friends to the organization. “It was one thing for me to tell them about the work being done,” he says, “but it was another for them to truly understand what Wonders & Worries is accomplishing.” He loves that his friends are often inspired to get involved as well.

The services Wonders & Worries provides are free of charge to the clients. Wonders & Worries receives no government funding and rely solely on the generosity of companies and individuals. Brent says he wants the organization to continue to provide the same level of service it has always been able to provide. “We have never turned a family away and do not want to ever do that. The best way to ensure this never happens is for the incredibly gracious people and companies here in Austin and Georgetown to continue to help us through donations and grants.”