The Hallett Family


Physician Jeff Hallett knows a thing or two about talking to patients about illness.

But when his wife, Robin, was diagnosed with breast cancer, they felt at a loss for how to tell their daughter, Rachel, aged 10.

“It doesn’t matter your background or experience,” Jeff Hallett, MD, said. “When you have to tell your child this kind of news, you want to do it the right way. And we didn’t know how. So we called Wonders & Worries.”

The Halletts started receiving support at Wonders & Worries’ Williamson County office in Georgetown, before Jeff’s job led them to move to San Antonio. When Wonders & Worries’ San Antonio office opened in July 2017, their support was uninterrupted. It’s the only program of its kind in the US, and first in San Antonio.

“We have found Wonders & Worries to be a tremendous resource for us at a time when help is sorely needed,” said Jeff Hallett, MD.

“Robin and I can see that it has helped Rachel to cope with her mother’s illness.”

As the Hallett family ends “a rather eventful year,” they happily report that Robin is doing well, and Rachel is thriving at school. Robin completed her chemo and her surgery, and is now beginning the long-term follow-up therapy. But she is feeling really good and is anxious to return to a “normal” life (if there is ever such a thing!).

“We are so grateful to Wonders & Worries, and our initial child life specialist in Georgetown, Julie May, ” added Jeff. “She played a key role in helping Rachel, as well as Robin and me, to ‘weather the storm’ of a cancer diagnosis.”