Conflict Resolution Skills

Wonders & Worries groups focus on building understanding and coping skills, such as strategies for resolving conflict. Below are three tools you can use to practice conflict resolution at home:

  1. Read the story of “The Zax” from The Sneetches and Other Stories by Dr. Seuss. This short story reflects what happens when you refuse to compromise. Then pair up to demonstrate and discuss what the Zax could have done differently.
  2. Make conflict resolution wheels. Talk about the different strategies on the wheel, and share examples of when you have used or could use the strategies when facing a conflict.
  3. Walk The Peace Path while working through an example of conflict. The Peace Path is a three-step process to find common ground and tap in to the concept of empathy. The goal is a healthy and restored relationship. It works for adults, teens, children or a combination
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