The Crabb Family

KC Crabb was diagnosed with Stage IV throat cancer in November 2015. Immediately after receiving his diagnosis, KC’s days were consumed with multiple doctor appointments, making it difficult for him and his wife, Shannon Kerns-Crabb, to process the tragic disturbance in their already busy lives of raising two young and active children, Dylan (6) and Brendyn (3).

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“I knew we needed help, but I hadn’t yet got that far to figure out how,” Shannon says, “We were just trying to keep our heads above water.” One day, Dylan was watching a program on TV and heard a discussion about a person dying from cancer. Dylan turned to his father and asked if he was going to die, too. At this point KC and Shannon knew their son understood a lot more than they thought, and they realized they were not prepared to discuss KC’s illness with their children. Shannon learned of Wonders & Worries from a good friend and immediately turned to the non-profit for help. Shannon says, “I can’t believe that such an amazing organization existed and just felt so blessed and thankful that it did.”

We were just trying to keep our heads above water.

Dylan and Brendyn started attending individual sessions in late February. Child life staff member Michele Martin worked with the boys. “She is just wonderful. She connected with our boys immediately, and they really enjoyed and looked forward to each session,” Shannon says. Through the sessions, the boys learned to separate the cancer from their father. “The boys and I decided to name the cancer Boris. So when daddy was being grumpy and moody, it wasn’t really daddy, but rather Boris,” Shannon says. This technique was crucial in helping the boys to understand what was going on with their dad. Wonders & Worries provided the boys with a safe and secure environment where the boys could ask questions in their own way to someone they trusted. “No question was out of bounds and Michele helped them to understand that their feelings were normal,” says Shannon.

My wish would be that no one would need their services, but until there is a cure, they are here for us.

Wonders & Worries has provided the Crabb family with tools, therapy and a support network to get through this difficult time. Shannon says, “There is nothing more important than family and our children, and Wonders & Worries is here to help when you need it most. My wish would be that no one would need their services, but until there is a cure, they are here for us.”

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