Season 3, Episode #32 – An Interview with the Author 

Wonders & Worries: WonderCast
Wonders & Worries: WonderCast
Season 3, Episode #32 – An Interview with the Author 

Guest Host: Jacquelyn Rebecek, MS, CCLS 

This month of June, Wondercast will focus on resources that highlight or support Dads and the role of chronic illness in their lives. Today I am joined once more by Jacquelyn Rebecek, Wonders & Worries’ Program Director of the Greater Austin Area, to discuss the exciting release of her new book, I wonder what it is like when a parent has cancer. Max’s Story.  Listen in as we talk through this incredible, new tool and highlight the supportive resource it can be for your own family.  

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The Wonders & Worries’ book series 

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Highlight of Dads with illnesses 

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