The Woehl Family

On April 18, 2015, Michael Woehl was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. He and his wife Alicia were concerned about the effect this would have on the youngest members of their family – Tyler (16), Chance (12), Madison (8), and Marshall (4). The Whoehls heard glowing recommendations about Wonders & Worries from multiple sources – their sister-in-law, who is a counselor, and several of the doctors who treated Michael. They made an appointment for all four of their children to meet with a Wonders & Worries child life specialist.

Wonders & Worries helped make the journey less stressful for our entire family.

Initially, the kids weren’t excited to go to “counseling,” but they attended their first family fun event, the Ice Cream Social, and had a great time. “They got to be kids for two hours,” Alicia says. “They were so happy.” Their child life specialist, Michele, was patient, and the kids soon warmed up to her. She taught them how to deal with the emotions, physical changes, and stress commonly associated with severe illness. She taught them coping mechanisms not just for their present obstacles, but for life. “Michele is like a second mom to our kids,” says Alicia. “We trust her, the kids trust her, and we value everything she has done for our family.”

The Woehl family is grateful for the support their children have received from Wonders & Worries, and for those who support the organization. “Their donations are truly making a difference in the lives of our children, and many others,” Alicia says. “Wonders & Worries helped make the journey less stressful for our entire family.”