Season 4, Episode #37 – Houston, We Have a Problem. 

Wonders & Worries: WonderCast
Wonders & Worries: WonderCast
Season 4, Episode #37 – Houston, We Have a Problem. 

Guest Hosts:

Danielle Coleman, MS, CCLS  

 Whitney Dubuisson, MEd, CCLS 

 Wonders & Worries, Houston Office 

We prepare our children for how to handle conflict out in the world. Watch for bullies… treat others with kindness…build an emotional vocabulary… What happens when the primary source of conflict is at home between your children? Join us as we visit with two incredible Child Life Specialists out of our Houston office, Whitney and Danielle, to take on the difficult task of addressing sibling conflict and the tools that can bring us to resolution. 

Initiatives Featured in this episode:  

Whole-Child Brain 


Fastfood theory 

Trauma Informed Care 

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Siblings Without Rivalry by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish: 

The Five Love Languages: 

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